Where Can You Buy Ruth Bader Ginsburg's "Super Diva" Shirt? Dealcry.com has them in all sizes

if you didn't already know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Super cool Supreme Court justice. From her fishnet gloves to her Love of the scrunchie for her hair, the Supreme Court justice's fashion is just as incredible as her long law career. Now, there's a new Custom clothing piece you'll want. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's "Super Diva" shirt from her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert isn't just a cool shirt to show off your confidence, the shirt is also in the name of a good cause.  During her appearance on The Late Show, Justice Ginsburg was joined by Colbert during a workout session with her trainer Bryant Johnson. it was her Super cool shirt that may have been the stand out during the Late night show segment. and you can buy them here on Dealcry.com we have t-shirts hoodies and long sleeves sweatshirts like the one she wore on the late night talk show with an Emphasis on the cancer symbol  because its a cause that she promotes so dearly you can show your support by getting one for you and a friend now with free shipping while supplies last
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