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UV C Light Sanitizer for Germicidal Cleaning & Disinfection of Home and Office

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UV C Light Sanitizer for Germicidal Cleaning & Disinfection of Home and Office

Disinfecting your home, office, or workspace can be a demanding task. The new reality in 2020 however, is that you can disinfect All these areas effectively with our handheld ultraviolet disinfectant wand, and it is super easy to use. It only takes 20 seconds of use on any surface you can use this even on food items that you pick up from the grocery store or delivery boxes from the local pizza shop or any food delivery places

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This handheld portable ultraviolet disinfectant wand kills 99.9% of harmful organisms. viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, within 20 seconds. UV light robs organisms of the power to reproduce and to infect us with diseases including hepatitis, typhoid, cholera,


UV-C light is germicidal – which means it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. This takes away their ability to reproduce and lead to diseases.

An ultraviolet disinfectant works with the power of a very powerful UV light which kills organisms in their tracks. UV-C light damages the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds in the DNA. Such bonds stop the DNA from replicating, making it impossible for the organism to reproduce.on the surface you exposed to do UV rays,

UV disinfectant is environmentally-friendly. aerosols and liquid disinfectants can be harmful to the environment and the ozone. UV does not only not cause this but also does not expose you’re family friends and coworkers two days harmful chemical agents. Help mother earth 🌍 with a clean way of cleaning. 

It saves money. Unlike chemical-based disinfectants, UV technology is cost-effective. After your purchase, our UV wand there is no need to keep replacing it, you can also purchase one for your job one to keep in your car for when you’re out and about this allows you to properly sanitize door handles and shopping carts and any surfaces that you would come in contact with bathroom stalls, toilet seats, seating areas, dining tables shared workspaces

pump-based disinfectant needs to be refilled with chemicals or repurchased. Here all you need do is recharge your wand with the included USB connection and continue to enjoy its effective decontamination. save money in the process and protect your family and love ones, you can get you a wand at

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